LOL College Girls Are The HOTTEST!

#1 Too Turnt?

THIS is considered fully turnt for college hotties...

#2 Body Paint Hotties

College girls are adventurous, and love any excuse to have NO clothes on.

#3 Lets Go Team!

What kind of list would this be without pom poms and short skirts!

#4 Hey Boys

They love to tease guys...because they can!

#5 WE WON!

When cheerleaders win a game..they get even HOTTER!

#6 Twin Time

College girls love to be "twins"...and it makes them even hotter.

#7 AZ Pride

They actually love sports...and rep their team while still being hot!

#8 Topless Time

Even if there is no pool, you'll see girls with not shirt on.

#9 Trojan Pride!

We'd stay in college for LIFE if all girls dressed like this!


Ah college, land of hot girls in jerseys and bikini bottoms!

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LOL College Girls Are The HOTTEST!
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